Garden of Remembrance Message

Dear Residents and Visitors,

The Friends of Grange Hill (FofGH) has once again recommenced work to restore and improve the Garden of Remembrance. We believe that this will enrich the site and improve your experience. We aim to ensure that the planting will be sympathetic to the natural environment and require less maintenance than some of the shrubs currently planted. The work will mainly be completed by volunteers and there may be a need to restrict access to certain areas for the safety of all and to aid plant or grass growth. We ask for your kind assistance and patience during these periods.

Four members of the FofGH have started researching which combination of shrubs or plants would be the most suitable for the location. They will submit a report to Christine Smyth, the Area Team Leader of the Parks and Open Spaces team, who will check its recommendations. Once agreed, the planting will take place in the autumn period.

We feel that it will also aid future maintenance if several of the shrub borders were reduced in size by extending the communal grassed area. To do this there will be phased reduction of the shrubs in the borders. Once removed, sub-soil will be added and a topcoat of native soil added to the top surface. After allowing the soil to settle, new grass sods will be laid slightly beyond the required area and this will be cut back to the desired area once it has established. This work will take some time and FofGH will tackle each border in turn. We have started with the borders to the north side of the Garden of Remembrance and intend to work towards the southerly areas.

The work on the wider hillside will continue during the winter months and include widening Public Rights of Way and Permissive Paths to make it easier and safer for visitors access to other areas of the hill.

FofGH will do as much as it can to ensure you are kept informed and continue to enjoy other features of the hill throughout the work whilst we continue to consult and work with Christine Smyth.

Thank you for your patience whilst this work is carried out.

The Volunteer Work Days planned are generally for a Sunday but may also be held on some summer evenings depending on volunteer availability.

Derek Longman – Friends of Grange Hill – Tel: 0151 632 5285

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