Volunteer Work – 22-Jan-17

Today I met with volunteers to work on the Public Right of Way (PROW) number 43 that links Grange Old Road, the War Memorial and Lang Lane.

It is always a real pleasure to work with enthusiastic volunteers as is the case with FofGH members and the great work carried out previously and today is really making huge improvements to the areas where we have been working. Today we were able to complete the re-opening of the above-mentioned footpath by cutting back the encroaching and overhanging Gorse and Bramble and we have as agreed left the cuttings and brash waste for the Ranger Matt Thomas and his team to dispose of during the week. Apologies to Matt for all the waste generated and for leaving it at various points along the footpath. The first clump being next to the Fire Hydrant near to the War Memorial.

Matt, I have spoken with a number of our members and a good number are keen to meet up and work with you on the 9th February, we may even have one of the hill walkers who passed by today. There was a good number and all passed compliments for the work the FofGH members are doing, the more open views being especially appreciated. Please, can you confirm a start time and where would you like to meet up?

I hope you get some flavour of the work carried out over our last two volunteer days from the photographs below, I apologise for the quality but the phone camera got a bit dirty.

Finally thanks to the following for today’s work; Allie Abraham, Carla Williams, Keith & Sharon Ackerley, and Linda Trim.


Derek Longman

Removal of Holm Oak

The Holm Oak in the Garden of Remembrance

The site after removal

The PROW leading to Lang Lane from the War Memorial.

Image was taken at 9:44 hrs  22nd January 2017

Image was taken at 13:44 hrs  22nd January 2017

Looking back towards the All Ability Pathway

Image was taken at 9:45 hrs 22nd January 2017

Image was taken at 13:41 hrs 22nd January 2017

The following are other images of the PROW worked on during the day

This image from near the Fire Hydrant was taken  at 9:44 hrs22nd January 2017

This image was taken at 12:41 hrs

Taken at 12:39 hrs showing a more open PROW revealing interesting sandstone rock.

The view towards the War Memorial highlights the more open footpath and clear views ahead.
Images were taken at 13:38 hrs

Aerial image captured from a drone showing the length of the footpath cleared

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