Public Announcement

The Friends of Grange Hill (FofGH) with the approval of the local authority (Wirral Borough Council) has been active in maintaining Grange Hill and the Garden of Remembrance according to the Wirral Council Management Plan – and devising and implementing projects to improve access and the visitor experience to the War Memorial.

The garden on the west and south side of the monument was created in 1948 and formerly opened on the 22nd October 1949, as a memorial to those who gave their lives during the Second World War.  Whilst the FofGH has done a tremendous amount of work to reveal parts of the garden that had become lost to advancing vegetation, it is felt the time is now right to restore it to be more in keeping with the original design, to coincide with the 70th anniversary of its creation.

The attached revitalised garden design has been commissioned by the FofGH and seeks to follow the criteria below:

  • To provide wheelchair friendly access within the garden area, with a circuitous pathway around the southern side of the garden.
  • To provide wheelchair passing places at multiple points on the pathways.
  • To ensure that all new planting work uses varieties that are harmonious and compatible with the indigenous species found on the hill.
  • To ensure that once implemented, the new design should be readily maintainable with just the volunteer labour resources available through the Friends Group.

The draft design proposed was presented to local councillors, the responsible senior council officers with the Parks & Countryside Service, and the Hoylake and District Remembrance Sunday Committee and is supported in principle.

The display of this design drawing and commentary is part of a consultation process that seeks to invite ideas and suggestions from the local community that may be considered for inclusion in the plan on the basis of suitability and affordability. The same documents will be displayed in the following libraries – West Kirby, Hoylake, Irby and Greasby.

The local press will be asked to publish this information.

Any communications on the subject should be sent by the following means:

Wirral Parks & Countryside Service,

Wirral Council,

Cheshire Lines Building,

Canning St,



CH41 1ND

Dedicated letterbox in each of the aforementioned libraries.

The closing date for communications to be received and considered is 31 October 2017.



Date:      29/08/2017